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We help corporates move like start-ups, and start-ups grow into corporates.
Flutter Developer

Seeking a skilled Flutter Developer to design and implement high-performance, scalable mobile applications. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features. Ensure the application’s responsiveness and efficiency. Stay updated on emerging technologies and contribute to the overall development process. Strong problem-solving and communication skills required.

Assistant Manager Intern

As an Assistant Manager Intern, you’ll support daily operations, collaborate with team members, and assist in managerial tasks. Gain hands-on experience in project management, employee supervision, and decision-making. Develop leadership skills, contribute to strategic planning, and enhance your understanding of business processes. Embrace a dynamic learning environment and contribute to team success.



Back-end Developer

Back-end Developer: Design, develop, and maintain server-side logic, databases, and APIs. Collaborate with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements. Ensure high performance and responsiveness, troubleshooting and optimizing as needed. Stay updated on industry trends. Proficient in programming languages like Java, Python, or Node.js. Experience with database management and server architecture.



Jr Flutter Developer Intern

As a Junior Flutter Developer Intern, you’ll contribute to mobile app development using the Flutter framework. Collaborate with senior developers to design and implement features, debug code, and optimize app performance. Gain hands-on experience in a dynamic team environment, enhancing your skills in Flutter, Dart, and mobile development practices.



Why Would Love Here?

We help corporates move like start-ups, and start-ups grow into corporates.
Professional Development

In a startup, creating a suitable professional space is important to improve productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction.

Freindly Environment

By establishing a culture that prioritizes friendly communication , we created an enjoyable workplace.

Diverse Community

Our team is made up of people from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Extra Benifits

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